Hafele is and German company providing hardware and fitting systems and electronic access control systems. Around the world customers from the furniture industry. Dealers, joiners and cabinet markers. As well as architects, planners and bullders all rely on Hafele’s expertise and performance.


We are the global market and technology leader for sliding on buildings, in buildings and on furniture. Superior product and system solutions inspire our customers and partners in using sliding systems and make them successful.

We create new impetus for sliding time and time again with innovative applications, systes and materials. Sliding makes rooms more attractive, functional, economical and flexible. Re-discover the world of sliding time and again – with Hawa Sliding Solutions.


Henderson’s products are very versatile and can be used in a multitude of applications moving everything from wardrobe doors, glass panels, timber doors, warehouse doors, shop fronts and gates from one position to another.

The hardware can also be used in many non-door applications such as fall arrest systems or for sliding machinery, industrial curtains, sports equipment, projector screens, blackboards.


The range of Koblenz sliding door gear includes solutions for single, double, simultaneous and telescopic sliding doors. Standard sliding door gear solutions are listed under each product part number, however there is a vast range of standard components that can be combined to meet almost any sliding door conundrum.


Halaform our range includes both sliding and folding door systems, various kinds of industrial curtain and cable carrying systems, Lightweight conveyor and greenhouse plant watering systems, as well as welding and piano hinges. Helaform products have ingenious design details that make them far superior in comparison with other brands.

Slide Systems

Specialize in the manufacture of bearings and rollers for various applications. Over the last decade brands like Roll on Holz etc were introduced in india which has become very popular. The vision and mission of the company is to introduce top quality hardware products at affordable prices for the indian market. The aim is to build a specialized workforce to provide both marketing and technical support to its customers without compromising on Business Ethics and values including transparency, Integrity etc. The long term vision of the company is to build the brand to become one of the respected and leading suppliers of hardware in the country.