About Us

Business in its most simple essence is the transaction between a buyer and a seller, it is however an exchange not only of Products and Services but also of Tradition and Culture. It is this understanding that enriches the ability of the business to deliver their best to the spectacular plethora of diversity requisite to India. And most importantly it teaches that business is not defined by Religion or Caste but by pure economics of Sustenance.

One such business that believes strongly in this philosophy is TAS Hardware, established in 1959 in the Nizam City of Hyderabad, this family owned and operated company has been a flag bearing pioneer in bringing the best Architectural Hardware from world over.


In its nascent stages TAS introduced construction materials and Power Tools from all over India and from abroad and was early to realise diversification is the Key and focussed its operations into specialising in the supply of Architectural Hardware. “Forward is the way to go, our past has taught us very well and so we never look back” says Mr Shabbir, Entrepreneur and MD of TAS.

Mr Shabbir, a 17 year old boy who aspired to be a doctor had to grab the reins of the business his father, Mr Taher, had started, due to his untimely demise. “I was in a state of confusion and shock for losing my father, but realising that I had to be strong for my Mother and my siblings as I was the eldest gave me the courage to give my 100% to TAS.”

This third generation business has flourished over the years helping house makers buy the best for their houses. “I have been a customer of TAS since the last 27 years and I am always surprised by how they have maintained their service and quality, I always tell my friends when they are constructing or refurbishing their house you can rely on TAS without a second thought” says Mr Narsiah, a successful builder.

TAS Conglomerate’s vision is to be India’s best marketplace for Quality Interior solutions through the excellence of its people, its innovative approach and passion to experiment with new technologies and materials.