We value our employees at TAS and we consider them as our strength, besides believing that they are the true pillars of support to the company. With this positive attitude, we have been immensely successful in having the most dedicated and committed team of dynamic professionals in the various departments of TAS.

TAS Hardware is headed by our charismatic leader, Mr. Shabbir Chass who has been in the field for 40 years now and achieved immense knowledge about almost every industry relating to construction. Besides, our Team consists of highly qualified & experienced engineers, designers, developers, locksmiths and many more. Our Team Members are masters in the art of acquiring knowledge regarding latest technology, design concept, pattern, current trends and ergonomics.

Under the guidance of our extremely knowledgeable, experienced and dynamic MD: Mr. Shabbir Chass, we have constantly progressed on the path of success, achievement and advancement. And the credit for this also goes to the virtue of TAS’s Vision, Mission and Value.

Our Vision

We aim to provide products that display outstanding quality, craftsmanship, technique and class. We intend to maintain a stellar level of customer service and to exhibit a high standard of corporate leadership in every action. We have succeeded in maintaining a thought process which is ahead of the market and we aim to continue doing so.

Our Mission

Our promise is to always deliver products made from the best resources, the latest technology and the best practices. We hope to spread our horizons, to take our business beyond borders, to tap into the international arena and to become a brand that is recognized worldwide. We have been credited with the title of ‘Trendsetters’ and we intend to keep introducing new products, styles, finishes that change the way modular furniture is looked upon

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Trust
  • Passion