TAS today imports several brands of world class architectural hardware and tools from countries like Italy, Spain, England, Germany, and Austria. These are designed with great precision and the most advanced technological methods to satisfy customer requirements.

TAS Hardware was among the first few hardware stores to bring the concept of ‘what you see is what you get’ in Hyderabad’s building hardware market. The company is among the very few stores which employ computerized inventory and sales management techniques. Thus making sure that the customer is not cheated and everything is consistent with the norms set forth.

TAS Hardware not only caters to the end consumers but also to other retailers, builders and infrastructural projects. With distribution rights of a few key hardware industry brands, TAS Hardware has established a formidable place in building hardware market. The hard work of all employees and the goodwill of TAS have helped the Company to grasp new opportunities to make this organization a great success.

“TAS is not just a successful business but a strong brand, and with a great brand comes great responsibility towards its clients and the neighbourhood” says a prominent builder who requested to be anonymous.