We cannot avoid reacting to colour. Colour triggers responses at the subconscious level – personal associations. Memories and vibrations we express ourselves through the colors we wear, colours we surround ourselves with, are drawn to certain colours and dislike others. Psychologists have found that colours affect our preferences, characters, behaviour and personality.

Colour has the power to evoke inner feelings and memories and possesses its own language. We call it the coloromatherapy

Golden Locks

Golden Locks is a leading producer of high-end door handles for world –class home décor, dealing In a range of beautifully handcrafted products. The brand ‘Golden’ dates back to 1954, as one of the oldest brands in furnishings today, we stand amongst the world’s recognized artisans its arena, having completed more than two decades of glorious existence.


Tattva Art Hardware (A Unit of Designwise india Pvt. Ltd.) offers a unique collection of sculpture yet functional hardware viz. curtain hardware. Door handles, bathroom accessories, lamps, light fixtures etc. and also does bespoke sculptures and installations for hospitality. Institutions and residential projects.


“Decor” it has a wide range of its products named hinges, tower bolts, special tower bolts, bolts & latches, window fittings, al-drops, fittings, swing accessories and other accessories. These products are available in different types, sizes and finishes like Antique, Lacquer and S.S. Brush.